India, as one of the youngest nations around the world, accounts for more than 62% of its population in the working-age group (15-59 years), and more than 54% of its total population below 27 years of age. This represents a great opportunity as well as a huge challenge when it comes to the upskilling of these generations. We strive to enhance the skills of thousands of young minds and empower them with under our apprenticeship program.

Every year, out of 15 MILLION YOUTH entering the job-market, OVER 75% are NOT JOB READY!*

This stark difference is due to a lack of the required skills (technical or interpersonal). Additionally, the unemployed segments of the working-age groups and conventionally educated youth are the two major challenges that have to be addressed.

So far, we have helped hundreds of Apprentices to learn vital Work-Skills and become Job-ready already while other few hundreds are in the process of acquiring those skills across sectors.

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